Online Guitar Lessons

Rolf van Meurs offers online lessons for guitar via Skype, Facetime or video response.

Students from all levels and ages who are looking for feedback and want to improve their guitar playing.

The skype/facetime lessons are 60 minutes each. You can send the score of the piece you are playing before the lesson will take place. Technique lessons for left- and right hand are also available.

Are you interested in arranging a piece for guitar? That's also possible!

If you want a personal lesson with Rolf, you can contact him and find a time in the schedule. Before you book a lesson, you will receive information about costs, online adress and more.

Contact Rolf:


If you want to play an piece of music which is not yet transcribed for guitar, you can contact Rolf. He can arrange pieces for guitar for different levels. If you want to know more about this service, please contact him.

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Audio Mixing

Did you record your guitar but the recording is not what you expected? The sound is 'thin' and 'far away'? Rolf can help you with a clear mix and 'fatten' your sound. 

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